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What Internet Speed Should Your Business Be Using?

What Internet Speed Should Your Business Be Using?

Business owners are doing more on the Internet and in the cloud than ever before. Nowadays, small business owners consider higher broadband speed a must-have. In fact, 85% of all businesses need to increase their Internet speed and plan to do so this year.

What’s driving this growth? It’s a wireless world out there. Cloud-based applications. File sharing. Heavy web browsing. And the increase in number and use of wireless devices are all contributing to it… while faster wireless speeds and smart phones are driving employee and customer expectations.

And then there are the bandwidth hogs… Users… maybe your employees or your customers… they’re folks who are using a lot more bandwidth on your network than anyone else. Normal web surfing doesn’t take up a lot of bandwidth. Streaming music, movies, and downloading large files do.

Businesses do so much online nowadays. Even legit activities like voice, email, productivity, accounting and customer service could be deemed bandwidth hogs because they present constant demands on your network.

So here’s a basic rule of thumb for determining the best Internet speed for your business. The higher the number of users, the number of devices in use, and the applications running, the more speed you’ll need.

Once you’ve figured out the best Internet speed for your business, don’t forget to look into setting up a wireless network for your employees and your customers. The right Internet and WiFi solution will make all the difference for your business.